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Project 2.0 Scholarship

Versions is creating the Project 2.0 Scholarship program with the goal of helping college-bound students, who have demonstrated a commitment to their education and life transformation.


Versions awards a $5,000 tuition scholarship to High School seniors who demonstrate commitment to their educational growth. Scholarships are paid directly to the college, in increments of $2,500 per semester, for one year of higher education.


Applicants must fulfill Project 2.0 minimum academic requirements and must show that they are of outstanding character and passionate about continuing their education.


All applications for the Project 2.0 Scholarship are done via an online platform. Scholars must upload all documents, send automated messages with transcript and recommendation requests, and submit their applications through the portal. All fully completed applications undergo a screening process, and successful applicants are invited to attend an interview. From here, our Interview Committee will select successful applicants to become Project 2.0 Scholars for that year.


Eligibility Requirements


In order to be considered for the HEAR Scholarship, all applicants must possess all of the following as a pre-requisite:

  • An unweighted GPA of at or above 2.0;

  • ACT scores of at or above 16 OR SAT scores of at or above 900

  • Excellent character, impeccable work ethic, and a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a higher education

  • Must be a U.S. citizen

  • Only applicants who are attending an accredited institution of higher education will be considered


The Project 2.0 Scholarship Application Process

A great first step in the application process is to contact your college or guidance counselor who can help you navigate the following steps. Next, visit the application portal when it goes live, and begin the process! It can take several days to write your essays and request information from outside resources, so start early and save your results until you are ready to submit the application.

Bullet Journal
Scholarship Process Timeline

Listed below are the important dates for applicants who are interested in applying for our Project 2.0 Scholarship. This is currently a guideline. Exact dates will be posted as the 2023/24 Project 2.0 Scholarship cycle opens.

Application Requirements

Please click below to read on more on the requirements for students who are interested in applying. These requirements must be met in order to consider your application complete. If your application is not complete, it will disqualify you from the Project 2.0 Scholarship for the entry year in which you applied.

Computer Keyboard
Acceptable Letters of Recommendation

We have outlined examples of adults who would be considered strong recommenders. This list is not limited to the only adults who would qualify your Letter of Recommendation, it simply serves as a guide to assist you in finding the key person to support you.

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